Legends of Marecchia's Valley



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This itinerary, 7/8 kilometers long, begins with a visit at Torriana's fortress, called "Romagna’s Balcony" as from here an incredible view on most of the region is enjoyable. The tower, visible from many of the valleys in the nearby and overlooking a breathtaking, 360° view, will be reached.
Prosecution towards Saiano's Sanctuary of Mary, perched in a strategic location on a rock that dominates the valley. Along an easy dirt road to Montebello, the relics of an ancient village will be crossed. Here, a few bats live and find shelter from the daylight. The only witness of old times and frantic country life is a monumental cypress, almost 400 years old. With the due respect these places will be crossed to reach Montebello, an ancient village of Romanic origin, but mostly medieval heritage.
After a brief visit and a reading of local memories, it will be possible to visit the court, known as Azzurrina's Castle because of the legend bound to a little girl's ghost, who's said to make her voice heard on the solstice day, once every five years...

This experience includes:
? local hiking guide for half day
? 1 night with half board service in a hotel on the Adriatic Coast
? beverages at meals


­PRIX 63.00 €


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