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Francigena Way

image from Francigena Way photo credits AEVF

1800 km / 143 km in Emilia-Romagna

The Francigena Way, also known as via Francesca or via Romea, is an ancient way which pilgrims followed from north-western Europe to Rome. The name Francigena literally meant the origin of the route from the land of the Franks and, contrary to what one might believe, it was not a single route but a group of trails and paths that together constituted a road system toward the city of Rome.

The particular Francigeno route most known by us today is the one indicated in A.D. 990 in the highly detailed travel diary of 97 legs of the journey written by Bishop Sigeric who travelled from Canterbury to Rome to be received at the papal throne.

Although there are faster more modern communication routes, the Francigena Way has retained its identity as a route for communication and exchange between peoples and cultures and, as of 1994, it has been declared a “Cultural Itinerary by the European ...
Council”, thus becoming a definitive route and, like the Way of St. James, the supranational dimension that it has always represented.

The Francigena Way is joined by the Linari Way.
La Francigena Way is listed as a trail in the Atlas of Paths of the Mibact.





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