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Abbot’s Way

image from Abbot’s Way photo credits Alessandro Vecchi

190 km / 127 km in Emilia-Romagna

Also known as “Francigena di Montagna”, the Abbot’s Way is an ancient route of about 190 Km that connects Pavia to Pontremoli along the Val Trebbia, passing through places of religious significance and remarkable atmosphere such as the Abbey of Saint Columbanus, characteristic villages such as Bobbio or Pontremoli, magnificent castles such as the one in Bardi and unspoilt scenery of rare beauty in the Apennines above Parma.

The Abbot’s Way dates from the period of Lombard rule when it was used mainly by the monks of Bobbio on their way to the city of Rome before the Francigena Way of Monte Bardone (now Cisa), which was left for a long time under the control ...
of the Byzantines, assumed a predominant role in the ancient trade routes and pilgrimage trails.

The way, used particularly by northern European and Irish pilgrims in the long and difficult pilgrimage toward Rome, included a stop at Bobbio to visit the tomb of Saint Columbanus, an Irish abbot who founded the local abbey.

The trail runs parallel to the Francigena Way which it joins at Pontremoli.
The Abbot’s Way is listed as a trail in the Atlas of Paths of the Mibact (Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities and Tourism).





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