Route in Delta del Po's Area



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The first day will be dedicated to the rendezvous in Volano: meeting with the guide and handing of bicycles
and informative material. Then, explanation of the program.
On the second day after breakfast, departure for Gorino Ferrarese. Along the route, Canneviè's naturalistic oasis
will be admired, then going on through Mesola where the Este duke's castle stands out.
Then, prosecution through Fasanara's Wood, Abate Tower and Mesola's Wood. Brief stop for a snack and, once
Gorino is reached in late afternoon, excursion with a motor-ship until Delta del Po's mouths.
Stop at the old lantern to admire the sunset colours.
Finally, on the third day after breakfast, departure to return to Volano, advancing in the fascinating pine forest.
Return to the hotel and bikes restitution in the late afternoon.

This experience includes:
? bike, helmet, bag and repair kit rent
? local guide
? 1 night in hotel and 1 night in farmhouse, with half board service
? motor-ship excursion
? luggage transport


­PRICE 265.00 €


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