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Did you know that... the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Hills of Rimini is among the best oils in Italy? Not only that, it also deserved the recognition of the Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P.) "Colline di Romagna" by the European Union. Our oil is renowned for its organoleptic and health characteristics and comes from native varieties. Some of these varieties are a bit strong but they are really good both raw and for cooking, for bruschetta, vegetables and also for pasta dishes. Come and discover with us the secrets of this delicious extra virgin olive oil.
This fascinating experience will begin with a guided tour of the Oleificio, where you will see the procedures of collection, extraction and production and will be revealed important information that will help you to discover its properties and methods of use.
At the end of the experience you can taste the extra virgin olive oil (D.O.P.) "Colline di Romagna".

Price: € 10
When: Tuesday and Friday
Time: at 10.30 and 15.30
Where: Via Statale Marecchia, 39, 47826 Verucchio RN
Participants: minimum 2 people
Language: Italian and English
Tasting by Oleificio Sapigni
Transport not included
Duration: 2 hours
Visit and tasting of DOP extra virgin olive oils
Villa Verucchio

­PRICE 10.00 €

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